Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

If you are uncomfortable in the dental chair, you are not alone! Many patients deal with dental fears and anxieties. Fearing your dental visits can cause you to avoid your dentist altogether! We want to help you face your dental fears and enjoy your overall dental experience. With the help of sedation dentistry, you can comfortably get through any and all dental visits. Whether you have a dental check-up or a lot of dental work that needs to be done, sedation can help you relax while you get the dental help that you need! If you are interested in sedation in Medford, NJ, call our office today!

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

One of the most common forms of sedation is nitrous oxide sedation. This type of sedation can be used for both children and adults. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask that is placed over your nose during your visit. The sedation begins working within minutes, allowing you to completely relax! Surrounding sounds and smells won’t be a distraction and you can be at ease while responding to your dentist if necessary. You may not fall asleep, but you can get dental help while being calm and relaxed. Once the mask is removed, the effects of sedation will begin to fade and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities following your appointment. Sedation dentistry can help your dentist accomplish a lot of dental work in just one visit or over several visits. Have all of your dental needs met with the help of sedation dentistry! 

When to Choose Sedation

Sedation is a great option for a wide range of dental reasons. Patients who may have had a bad experience in the past and feel nervous or afraid of visiting the dentist are able to relax in the dental chair with the assistance of nitrous oxide. Additionally, nitrous oxide is safe to be used with children who may have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time. And those who are seeking extensive dental work or having a more invasive treatment performed, sedation will help you remain calm and comfortable during the entire process.

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